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Post pics of the nature or scenery that surrounds your habitat, or post about your favorite local places.


Phoenix Mountain Reserves

Directly right behind where I live

Top Row: Back, looking up

Bottom Row: Up, looking back

It's such a shame that people liter in a perfectly humane environment. smile011.gif

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I shall not post a photo of the little piece of heaven I call home as I don't know how to. I can say however that San Diego and La Jolla are lovely places and having visited I would be happy to live in either.

Excuse the sweeping generalisation here, but you in the US are very lucky to have so much space to play.


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Thank you for the responses everyone smile049.gif , I was almost positive this thread was going to be a complete & total flop, much like my others smile002.gif

Jayson, have fun in Thailand next year, it looks pretty peaceful, especially the sunset over the Beach's Horizon.

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Here is a link to the world famous Big Pig Jig that is happening this weekend in my neighboring town of Vienna, Georgia. But it's important to note that the rednecks pronounce it "Vie-enna" not "Vee-enna". The Jig has a different theme every year...it was "Wizard of Hogs" a couple of years ago, this year it's "Piglets of the Carribean". You ain't seen nuthin' until you've seen a bunch of drunk, mother-lovin' rednecks eating barbeque. Good times, good times... ::

Big Pig Jig

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Quote from the site that Tenacious posted...

Contest Rules:Barbeque is defined as pork meat (fresh or frozen and uncured) prepared only on a wood and/or charcoal fire, basted or not as the cook sees fit, with any non-poisonous substances and sauces as the cook believes necessary. There will be three categories eligible for Grand Championship in the contest: Whole Hog, Pork Shoulder, and Pork Ribs.

Sounds like somebody's trying to get even with the judges :laughing:

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Here in Stoney Creek were wedged between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. I'm about 10 minutes by car from each.

These are pictures of a huge, 100+ foot high, basin-shaped gorge called 'The Devil's Punch Bowl' found along the Stoney Creek portion of the escarpment.


Ironically enough on the other side of the gorge is a lookout with a 30 foot high, lighted steel cross which overlooks Hamilton and Stoney Creek. On a clear day one can see right to Toronto across the lake.


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For those of you who think NZ is all lord of the rings mountains and bush, we've got plenty more to offer, such as....



My lovely workplace( not actually the store i work in btw, and i'm not one of the crazy people in the photo either)


Probably the most impressive, is just in auckland:


and then of course theres the beaches:


and the road to our bach


I have such a way of making everything about me, except for the skytower, not sure how i could twist that exactly, what was this thread about again?

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Ok, I'm from a very rural part of Germany, called Mecklenburg. (The term 'rural' is propably a little different than what some Americans or Australians think of. It's ca. 2 hours to either Hamburg or Berlin...

And here are some pictures of the historical part of my hometown Güstrow:

Click Me!

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Yeah farin, our ideas of rural are very different... when I go rural, I'm fishin, looking at cattle and holding my nose as we pass the hog farms... :crazy: Not true really...I love the "rural smell".....

I wanted to post some pictures of my street....but they seem to have moved themselves somewhere else... }:( I'll find them but in the meantime...I live on the banks of the Missouri River, just across the river from St Louis. Very historical by US standards. Lewis and Clark left on their expedition exploring the "new counrty" from basically just outside my front door. My street is paved with brick, all the buildings are from the mid 1700's to late 1800's. Daniel Boone lived here. I want to find my pictures....it's very pretty!! :)

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