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Yeah boy!

Since I can only burn 20 songs to a disc, I'll show what I have on disc 1. I forgot to mention that each disc will not contain two songs by the same band but other discs may have the same band, just a different song. So Jayson and Daniel, please make another band selection for disc 1.

Thanks guys, disc 1 is beautiful. ::

Keep 'em coming so I can post the complete disc 2.

Jay and Dan, get me those songs so I can complete disc 1. ::


~Sounds of Songfacts~ (SOS) Disc 1

1. Soulful Strut / Grover Washington Jr.---UncleJoe

2. My Little Runaway / Del Shannon-------edna

3. Are You In / Incubus-------------------earth-angel

4. Blue Jean Blues / ZZ Top---------------Endymion

5. Old Red Wine / The Who----------------behindblueeyez

6. Alison / Elvis Costello-------------------Costellogirl75

7. Hand of Fate / The Rolling Stones------miamisammy29

8. Black Betty / Ram Jam-----------------psychocatholic

9. Never Been to Spain / 3 Dog Night------Malakin

10. Home / Dream Theater----------------TheCyberdemon

11. Eclipse / Pink Floyd-------------------DaveGilmour90125

12. Little Wing / Jimi Hendrix--------------elvishlucky

13. Silent Lucidity / Queensryche----------Formerly Mindcrime

14. Reserved for -------------------------Jayson9903

15. Rock-n-roll Ain't Noise Pollution/ AC/DC-jman14141414

16. In My Life / The Beatles---------------Annabelle

17. Great Balls of Fire / Jerry Lee Lewis----jrownsdega

18. Afterglow(of your love)/ Small Faces---DiggsUK

19. Reserved for-------------------------Danielj

20. Jammin' / Bob Marley-----------------cosmosis

:headphones: airguitar.gif:rockon:

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I've been thinking about this long and hard, and at first I thought I'd pick a Beatles, Nirvana, or R.E.M. tune, but then I thought 'Does that explain me' and while there are a few under that category, I came up with something else, a song that I hold near and dear to my heart, this is the song that when I heard it live, it completely changed my outlook on music forever (mellow stuff is the way to go!) and this song is

Learning to Fly- Tom Petty

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13. Silent Lucidity / Queensrÿche----------Formerly Mindcrime

You know me pretty well Marcus, my name changes never last & I always go back to the original smile006.gif

That actually looks like a rather enjoyable CD!

I'm with Malakin on this one, the songtrack looks pretty tasteful. smile049.gifmusic.gif

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