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What is up with HIP HOP now days

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What is up with hip hop now days all they rap about is the same cant the rap about anything else like they did in the late 80's early 90's come on the same thins get VERY OLD very fast i think they need to go back to the TRUE old school line luther BIG LUTHER not little luther and Teddy Pentagrass and get back to love and makin love and stuff like that i think hip hop needs :help: and a lot of it

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No, it doesn't suck at all.

I'm in my thirties, white , what most people would call suburban middle class, and English...so I'm not exactly in the target sales group for rap.. But rap and Hip hop is the most vibrant and important current modern music, and its been around for nearly twenty years now, so its not as if its a shock anymore.

Sure, I get bored of repetitive songs that are just a list of how much money the guy's got, or how many people he's shot or rubbish like that. But the best rap is inventive, clever , and often very funny.

Most of all, its the only music that is still rebellious and anti-establishment. And that was kind of the point with rock in the first place, in case anyone's forgotten.

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Just as many Rock songs are meaningless but fun (think AC/DC), a lot of Rap songs have a great beat and no real message. Over the years, the production value of Rap has gotten incredibly good, but the writing hasn't. There are still some clever lyrics, but there are way too many rappers with nothing to say. It's not like the '80s when Rap was, as Chuck D called it, "The Black CNN." There are surprisingly few rap songs that take aim at George Bush, who you would think could provide endless material. Rap has become more about entertainment and less about enlightenment, but I'll agree with Denmark that it is still the most anti-establishment music out there.

In response to the original post, a lot of radio stations are lumping Hip-Hop and R&B together, when they are very different forms of music. R&B has been around a lot longer, and has not improved much over time. For proof, listen to Luther Vandoss' version of "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" and compare it to William Bell's original. R&B is more heartfelt, and improvements in technology have not improved the quality of the music.

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Rap I can tolerate. Some rap is amazing like KLF and Snap (the 80's dance stuff); gangsta rap I cannot stand! Three songs from Eminem I do like: "Lose Yourself", "Without Me" and "Slim Shady" -- he doesn't offend me, but I don't consider Eminem gangsta rap. Trash mouth yes, trigger finger no; catchy tunes, yes.

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Thank you Denmark Street! Rap (more appropriately, Hip-Hop) IS the most important form of music right now because it's still changing. It's still evolving. Even though media outlets are currently saturated with the bling-bling rap, its still giving us a fresh sound. I predict at some point this flashy form of hip-hop will give way to a more organic sound, just as flashy hair bands of the 80's gave way to the sounds of grunge. Keep your ear to the ground though, things are already starting to change.(think- Outkast) When they do, at least we'll be left with the Jay-Z, a true arist who conquered the world of hip-hop and made it his own. (Check out his Blueprint album, the measuring stick for all other hip-hop albums)

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I'm not a big fan of rap/hiphop, I don't know why, but I just don't like it. The sound isn't very diverse, the drums stay the same the whole time, and I just don't like it very much.

As for the lyrics, good lyrics are always well and good, but I have no problem listnening to a rock song with simple lyrics. "Im TNT! I'm Dynomite! I'm TNT! Gonna win the fight!" or "I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rythym of the heart!" or "I wanna rock n roll all night! And party everyday!" are all good songs.

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Rap I can tolerate. Some rap is amazing like KLF and Snap (the 80's dance stuff); gangsta rap I cannot stand! Three songs from Eminem I do like: "Lose Yourself", "Without Me" and "Slim Shady" -- he doesn't offend me, but I don't consider Eminem gangsta rap. Trash mouth yes, trigger finger no; catchy tunes, yes.

Oh Catherine, please don't call KLF rap. I posted the live version of "Last Train to Trancentral" on that 'songs to make love to' post. People might get the wrong idea about how I 'get my groove on'. ;) I do suppose "3 AM Eternal" has some parts that could be confusesed with rap, "the K, the L, the F, and the-ology". If that's the song you're thinking about there is a 'guest DJ' on the song who does the rap parts.

I'm a classic rap or hip-hop fan

Sugarhill Gang


Tone Loc

3rd Bass

Tribe Called Quest

Jungle Brothers

Young MC

This newer stuff just doesn't work for me.

Chris Rock said that because he is a black man, he feels he needs to defend rap. He went on to say that it's easy to defend Grand Master Flash and Run DMC, but it's hard to defend

"I've got hos, in different area codes"

Skeet, skeet, got some rims, they be spinning.

I'm with Chris on this one.

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Okay, since we are on the topic of Hip-Hop I need to ask a question....There is a song from WAY back in the day. It is a hip-hop song...I don't know the name of the song...or who sings it...does that explain it? :laughing:

Just kidding...and the kicker is...I only know a verse or two. It is one of those songs that I have looked for on the net, asked everyone I know...no one knows, however, I KNOW it's one of those songs that as soon as anyone heard they would be like, "Oooohhh.... that song!"

So, without further adu, here are the lyrics...please help me end my search here....please....

It starts off with almost a flute like rythum as you would here in a few Beastie Boys songs...like the one begining with, "You know you can't, you won't and you don't stop"...

Anyway, THIS song starts with that kind of music and the 1st lyrics are:

Well in my younger days I used to sport a saaaack

somethin, something, something

With an apple for the teacher 'cause I knew I'de get a kiss

something, something, something

Chorus: She keeps on passin' me by.....

Ringin ANY bells??? :help:

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