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your favorites = the best?

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i disagree, but thats just my opinion. i like them both but most of the time, their songs are nothing special. i know this is a bit controversial seeing as u2 are always hailed as an amazing band but...

we're all entitled to opinions!no you're right...they aren't known for phenomenal, groundbreaking songs; but every song of theirs has a little something which makes them very easy any-time listening

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Well, I definitely don't think that just because I like an artist, everyone else will/must. Especially after growing up with a brother who deliberately dislikes anything I like and loves anything that I think is dumb...

It really doesn't matter to me if others like/dislike my music, but it is nice when I find people who can agree about music.

Oh, and I do think U2 are fabulous. I don't have all their albums, but what I have heard has been great. I really respect the band for trying to be more than just rock stars and especially Bono, for all the social work he continues to do. :rockon:

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