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Favorite Female Artists?


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btw my favourite female artists are (some i don't even listen to much since i mostly listen to males):

carole king

beth gibbons


debbie harry

kristin hersh

alanis morrisette


maria doyle kennedy

tori amos

ella fitzgerald

nina simone

edith piaf

janis joplin

patti smith

pj harvey

lauryn hill

ana matronic from scissor sisters is cool!

love the girl from air's voice too

also the singers from the yeah yeah yeahs ad the killers are petty cool with a pj vibe

there are lots of female singers that i'm impressed by technically but i wouldn't call them my favourites e.g. whitney, christina, alicia, amy lee, eva cassidy, jewel etc.

i'm sure i'll think of many others once i've posted the message!

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Fergie (Black Eyed peas)...

I liked her until I realized who she was. She is blonde haired blue eyed California type chick who was on "Kids, Incorporated" as a bubbly little girl. She was in one of those generic mid-90s girl groups called Wild Orchid. And now that she is in the Black Eyed Peas, all of a sudden she's "ethnic". I understand that to make it in show business, you have to create some sort of image, but she just does not ring true to me.

She does, however, have a great voice.

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I've always enjoyed Annie Lennox's voice. Great range, with authority.

Yesterday I was listening to a song on the radio and I really loved the voice of that unknown woman. I asked my husband who she might be, and he said "oh, come on, it´s Annie Lennox, you should know!". I kept on thinking exactly what you say, Jr, what a great voice. I´d love to sing like that!!

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These have all probably been mentioned already, but here's my list:

Tori Amos

Ani DiFranco

Indigo Girls

Melissa Etheridge

Aimee Mann

Cher (yes, Cher. I love her, I always have. Back off.)

Joan Jett

Liz Phair (a, because we have the same name and b, the song HWC... it's filthy and I love it.)

Poe (I've loved her since I was in like 7th grade)

and the ultimate, of course: Madonna.

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Grace Jones scared me back in the 80's, her videos gave me nightmares...

On a semi-related note... I like Tracy Chapman, anyone remember or have heard of her music?

Grace Jones... I never liked her, she scared me too with her chicken dress and the Jean-paul Goude influence...

I like very much Tracy Chapman, she´s not pretending anything, she´s sure of herself and a real good singer. I like her style and she´s very discreet. I don´t think female singers must be sex-bombs, at least not all of them...

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Had to search for this thread. Was on my mind...so here goes...

Janis ~ of course she is number 1

Stevie Nicks

Rikki Lee Jones~ Most interesting voice

Ann Wilson

Chrissie Hynde

Melissa Etheridge

Bonnie Raitt

Billie Holiday

Patsy Cline

Etta James

Pretty much it for me there...nice group of ladies!

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