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Favorite Female Artists?

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It was E-Bow the letter, I have it on tape from the Top 100 videos of 1996 that I set my VCR up to record because I was out partying that night. I remember the video being pretty dark, but she was in it right along side Michael Stipe & the rest.

Yeah, it's a good tune, I'm pretty sure that it was Michael Moore who directed the video for it also (though don't quote me on that one) I know he directed the video for 'All The Way To Reno'

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hey did she get married?, because while the band was big, she didn't have the hyphenated Burton at the end of her name.

She got married years ago to her guitarist. wore quite a fetching ensemble on the wedding day consisting or white underwear with a see through white dress-type thing over it! i didn't know she was using her married name. both her and her hsuband were involved recently in quite a high-profile case. their former nanny was suing for unfair dismissal, she lost but all sorts of nasty details about the family and accusations of negligence came out. apparently the father took the son (who's about three btw)out on a jetski when he was drunk (him, not the child i hope!) not sure how much is true since the nanny lost, she was totally discredited but i'd imagine there has to be some truth

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