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Favorite Female Artists?


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Many. Janis could defenetly sing and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth will kick your ass. Bjork is another one. Stereolab has two cuties that sure can sing and play. The Breeders rock. The girl that sings with Air has an awesome and sexy voice. Patti Smith rocked the house too. I'm sure there's plentu more but I can't think of any more at the momment.

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Patti Smith is my personal favorite, she did a couple of songs with R.E.M. that I really like, so that probably factors in.

Would you be kind enough to list some of those songs, I just remembered seeing a video that she was in with R.E.M. but I can't quite place my finger on it.

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There weren't any major ones, she backed up a lot of the tracks on 'New Adventures In Hi-Fi'(A commerical flop, but adored by critics (and me!) it came out after 'Monster')

The only moderately known track from that album was

"E-Bow The Letter" and that was on their 'greatest hits'

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Etta James

Janis Joplin

Annie Lennox

Stevie Nicks

Bonnie Raitt

Norah jones

and thanks to Elvish

Susan Tedeshci

Patsy Cline

Chrissie Hynde


Aretha Franklin

There are more I'm sure but I can't think of them now. I hope Avril doesn't show up on any of these lists! ::

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Bjork :bow:

Heather Nova

Tasmin Archer (bit of a one hit wonder, but a great voice)

Lisa Loeb

Nicola Hitchcock (ex Mandalay)

Belinda Carlisle (I still love her voice)

Sarah McLachlin

Brody Armstrong (The Distillers vocalist)

Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil vocalist)

Stevie Nicks - quite like her too.

Wow - I'll have to wait till I think of more...

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I forgot about another one of my old favorites, I used to like this band called Vixen, they had a few hits like "Crying" & "Edge of a Broken Heart". They were another band that I though would be big but went away quickly. I saw a short documentary about them on a recent installment of VH1's Top HairBands of the 80's special. It seemed like they were the typical girl glam rock band.

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I've had a think about my music collection, and was suprised at how few women artists I have. Just smatterings of Bjork, Melissa Etheridge, Alf, the odd soul diva and of course the incomparable Dusty Springfield. I do have things from bands such as Massive Attack featuring female vocalists, and a 12" of 'I Don't Care' featuring WOW (but I don't play it as a rule, tee hee hee!).

I have mentioned it before, but one of my current favourites is 'The Soul Sessions' by Joss Stone. If anybody is in the mood for proper soul/blues from a contemporary artist, you would do far worse that get this CD, as if you have a pulse you will love it. Proper bo.


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