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Submitting Songfacts


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If it's a direct quote from the artist or songwriter, we like to leave it in tact and provide the source if possible:

"In 1990, Kurt Cobain told Rolling Stone, 'that was the best song I ever wrote.'"

We don't want to plagarize the work of others, so if you come across some writing that would make great Songfacts, please either:

1) Ask permission to use it - we are happy to provide credit. You can always let us know where it came from and let us ask.

2) Use it as the basis for your own commentary.

I hope this helps - let us know if we can tell you more.

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Thank You for the response Carl ::, I was mostly referring to quotes or phrases on another sites, I can easily reword the paragraph, but I needed to make sure first ahead of time. I have a few songs that I have facts for that aren't currently available on the site, & are listed on the "Requested Songs" list. Thank You for your time.

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