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National RX-F333 Triple Cassette

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Your eyes are working fine, mate! "Techmoan" has dug up, er, resurrected another fine example of 1980's Japanese tech for the mixtape maniac in you. It's a "full-featured-one-stop-got-everything-mini-boombox" that allows you to "play one and tape 2." Does it work? Of course not! The FM and AM radio bands can pick up a limited spectrum of "radio gaga," and it looks Sooo cute. The drive belts and clutches are in serious need of replacement, but getting to the gloopy mess that used to play the likes of Toto is a puzzle for the Almighty Techmoan Tinkerer. But, The Moan Family Puppets are back! With their "e;lectric underpants" and "I hate this" banter, YouTube fame awaits...

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