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Help me find this song...Its driving me crazy


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Ok, so there is this song I heard on the radio a lot around the year 2000 (give or take a year) on an alternative rock station. But for the life of me I cannot find it. I am sorry but I only have a few words to this upbeat song...

Does she hear me...

can she see me...

something something something..



tell me what you want..

Ill do anything...

anything you want look no more...

just let me stay the night..

ill sleep on tha floor..................

i know its not much to go on but.........it driving me crazy, i know this song must have been popular to be on the radio so much!

Thanks, oh and nice site :)

(crossing fingers)

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I personally don't know it, but the clue you provide is waaayyy more than these folks are used to getting. they've gotten much tougher songs with alot less to work with. I'm confident in bragging on these people. They'll get it for you.

And welcome to Songfacts. Explore.

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