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4 hours from a C-90 Cassette!

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You are the swingin' owner of  "Romp and Stomp" platform shoe store, and need to entertain the customers while keeping your sales staff from going bonkers over repeated Muzak background music. What is a "Go Go 80's" dude (Or dudette) to do? Place a call to AEI Music and your problems will be over, in four hour slices. "Techmoan" looks at how a less-than-C 120 Compact Cassette can play (somewhat) better than Muzak over a four hour span. Sorry, no puppets today, but a fascinating look at 4 track cassette playback head skulduggery and the proper use of Audacity with a Sony Walkman Professional. "Should any of your Impossible..." Oops, wrong tape!

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