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Things aren't always Black and White

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You can't break someone's heart over nothing,

No you can't give up on a love that is so right.

You cannot make someone give up on everything,

Sometimes you gotta be strong and lose the fight.

She's waiting for him there in the darkness,

When he stumbles home late in the night.

She's crying on the floor while you scream down at her.

Sometimes you can be wrong when you are right.

One night you'll come home and there'll be silence.

She won't be there for you to shake in fright.

She left you nothing, choosing her freedom,

She gave up on you and chose the light.

You're taught to stand up for what you believe in,

You're a soldier for the things you know are your rite.

Bleeding, dying, killing for the old black and white,

Is always being right worth your life?

What can I say? I'm no writer, I just made it up in the bath! :googly: I think the recent debates on the forum inspired me...this is reason enough for no more disagreements to ever occur or I'll write and submit more bad poems!! ::

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What a lovely poem Earth-angel! Bravo! :)

Its so true, there more important things in life than being right and putting it always head of those things, will only leave us miserable. Reminds me of something my dad used to say: "You can either be right or you can be happy".

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Sue, that was terrific writing, I found myself able to relate to the words, especially in the 3rd verse. It's not something I can look easily too, but I have to stand strong & face it. You re-opened an old wound a bit, while I was reading, but it only makes me stronger on the inside.

You mentioned later that it was inspired by the writing on this board, I can see the similarities, towards the end of the poem, where it goes into "Standing Up for What You Believe In" & "Not always having to be right, to prove a point" Many people still feel the need to do this, often times without realizing that they only inflict repercussion on themselves as a result.

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A friend who I showed this poem to was very concerned that I was being beaten by my boyfriend :: - I can assure you that he never has done anything of the sort! The words have a very personal meaning, but it has nothing to do with him.

And thank you for the responses everyone! :D

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