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For those whom the crack of rifle fire is it's own kind of music, here's a rare collaboration between two YouTube "Gun Channels." I ran across the C&Rsenal site during their crossover with The Great War channel, with Othais and Mae's focus on the firearms of World War I. Curiousity about (somewhat) more modern firearms led me to "Forgotten Weapons," with Ian McCollum. With a very interesting piano theme to accompany the (occasional) rattle of 100 year-old-weapons-of-mass-frustration, have a look at what Pierrot Le Fou, Tommy Atkins, Alvin York, and Paul Bauer tried to use on the Western Front. What does "Gun Girl" Mae have to do with this? She's about the size and mass of the average World War I soldier...and her grin gets bigger along with the guns!

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