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Italian Song In A Commercial Years Ago

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I don’t know where to search, so I’m taking a chance you might be able to help.

 I’m looking for a song that was sung in Italian by a woman in a commercial. I believe there was a convertible sports car and perhaps a woman at the wheel. The song is just playing. The car is traveling on a road up a mountain. It looks like Italy and that makes sense since the song is in Italian.

 I’m fairly certain the singer had a first and last name, unlike Giorgia, a popular Italian singer. 

 It could have been advertising a fragrance like Dolce & Gabbana, although I don't see anything like this when I check their commercials.

 This slow song sounds as if the singer is sad or angry. Maybe a bad love affair.

 This commercial played a lot, and I wish I could say what year, but I can’t. It could well be five years ago. 

 I lost over 6,000 songs when my hard drive failed.

 I think if I saw the name of the song, or even the name of the singer, I would know that was it, and certainly I would remember the song immediately if I heard it. I can almost picture it in the list of songs I had and I want to say the singers first name starts with an 'M.' When I look up Italian female singers I see nothing that rings a bell.

 Thanks so much!



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