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Information on Jimi Hendrix picture

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I also have a lot of trouble uploading things Tracy; I'm only new to this so I am probably doing something wrong lol. I think my email address is on my  profile, and I don't mind Jimmy Hendrix I wouldn't mind having a look.  I was actually watching a show on tv the other night about Jimmy  and his death, it also featured a whole heap of entertainers that had passed away at age 27 . VERY  bizarre 

On 9/1/2005 at 2:00 PM, Jim said:



I am looking for the title and artist of a song that I heard a couple of times in 2002 in clubs, but i am not sure if the song was released in 2002 or earlier.


The song is a dance track with a lady singing it. The song is very much similar in tune and style to the song "It Feels So good" by Sonique


The song has the phrases "Everynight and Everyday" and "I turn to you", not sure if the word is "turn" or something else.


Unfortunately thats all I know about the song.


I will really appreciate if anyone can help me find the name of the song.


On 8/19/2015 at 12:50 PM, Brad_M said:

I'm going on vacation tomorrow morning, so I won't be around for a few days.

Ocean City, Maryland for 2 days and then Rehobeth Beach, Delaware for 3 more days.

See you all when I get back.

Rock on! :rockon:


7 minutes ago, Ange said:

Enjoy 😎😊


On 11/18/2018 at 7:50 AM, Otokichi said:

What does Turkey Day look like to folks from other countries? Here's a "cheeky Brit view" of our next Thursday national holiday and just-before-Black-Ink-Friday stuffing.;)


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