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Chasing the name of a song and artist.

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Hi all - 

Am not sure how to describe it - I’m chasing a song that came out somewhere 2000-2006. It was sung by a young girl, and it was a gray song - and it was known because the girl who sang it sounded identical to Hanson. I was (am) a huge Hanson fan (please don’t kick me out lol!) but I suddenly remembered this song tonight and it’s now driving me crazy trying to remember it or find it! I just remember people saying to me “oh I actually LIKE Hanson’s new song!” And it wasn’t Hanson, but a young girl. I think it had the word “Blue” in either the song title or her name. She also wasn’t in a band, just by herself and she was playing a piano I think? 

Hope you know who I’m talking about / what song that was! 


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