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Anti-"Rocky Mountain High" song?

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John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" was on AM radio, when this "Dr. Demento"-like song popped up for a while. Here's what I remember of this "Homer & Jethro"-like song:

The campers were "natural food" freaks fond of Granola and such.

They weren't prepared for Winter in the mountains and were soon snowed in.

Food ran out, one member died, and "she tasted pretty good."

A Yeti carried off one of them. (Later on, "she didn't want to leave her man.")

"Fascist health officers" broke in and rescued them.

As soon as they've recovered, they're going back to the mountains again. ("I can hear the mountains calling, 'Hey You!")

Are there any old timers who remember this 1970's novelty song?;)


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WOW , I was only in primary  school  way back then. But I do remember hearing various stories of being a horrible man that beat his wife.  ... BUT .. I wasn't  there, I cant say for sure.  What we COULD do was document everytime she had a bruisenon her . My m.i.l was today. That's a good sign.. Goodnight. I love you  xxx

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