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It was in the mid-1980's, when CBS ran TV dramas near midnight. Submitted for your approval, a 1986-88 "Spy Dramedy" featuring a one-handed secret agent assigned to "Miscellaneous Affairs," a basement department in charge of the routine and mundane. ISI's top agent is determined to return to the field, in spite of his injury and his officious boss, "Melville Greenspan." Aided by the ever-adaprable (if occasionally clumsy) "Mona Ellerby," V. H. Adderly foiled many kinds of master criminals. "Night Heat," a Police story, was in rotation with an investigative magazine crew in "Hot Shots" and "Diamonds."

CBS "Crime Time After Prime Time"

"Night Heat" Season 1, #1

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I recall when the "V" from "V.H. Adderly" was revealed!
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