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Songs w/ Sax


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"Another Man Down" by the rather unknown Heartsfield. Unquestionably. Check it out, I've seen the record has been re-released on CD.

I've only seen one Female Sax player fronting a band, Candy Dulfer. Are there any others?

There was a Salsa band made up of women called Las Chicas Del Can. I think one of them was a sax player

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JUST when I thought it was safe to trot out one of the Old Jokes....The Bright Sparks!

I find I can recycle a lot of jokes that are decades old and get a laugh (or a groan) out of them.

Baker Street, Lily Was Here, Tequila, Yakety Sax (featured in the final "chase scenes" of the Benny Hill Shows) are the best I've seen mentioned so far.

If you want to go WAY back, when a sax was Mandatory in Every Rock & Roll Band, try to listen to some old Bill Haley and his Comets songs with Rudy Pompili on sax.

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I happen to be a rather good sax player...my personal favorite solo is the one on Brown Sugar...love it.

So how comes you´re not playing with the Internation Songfacts Band???? Aaron, Foxy, BluesBoy...!!!!!!!!!

...and I see you appreciate the best Stones moments... you rock, RonJon!!!

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I guess I'm a session guy...bring me in, lay it down, send me home.

How about David Sanborn on David Live and Young Americans. BTW, new releases of Bowies live albums "David Live and Stage" are coming out. New songs, cleaned up, nice. I was at the David Live concerts in Philly. Maybe you'll hear me screaming in the background more clearly now!!

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My favorite -

The studio version, the last thread I started must have gotten lost. :P

Thanks :shades:

There's no reason to start a NEW 'songs with sax' thread when NOW you know there's an old 'songs with sax' thread that's here .

You saw there was an OLD songs with sax thread 12 hours ago.

Why didn't you just continue to add songs to the old thread?

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