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1996 Fujifilm Photo-Player AP-1

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Hello again, it's "Decrepit Tech Theater," courtesy of the master of ages. "Techmoan." Do you remember the 1990's? Then you'll fondly remember the Advanced Photo System of that period! No? Submitted for your approval, the ups and downs of the APS system, that had the misfoortune of appearing on the market just before digital. I recall hearing about this, but I was still using Ye Olde 24X36mm-based film camera. How about you? Did these technical marvels of the 1990's "turn your head"?

Epson ET 7700 Ecotank Scanner/Priner combo to create that "tactile holding-photographic-prints-in-hand" experience!

Edited by Otokichi
Danger! Puppets at the end of the Epson ET 7700 segment!
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