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Last week, while catching up on "The Great War" (World War I) with Indy Neidell, I followed a link to the "guns and ammo" video posts. (Is the British SMLE better than the German Mauser 98K?) Just to prove that even fans of the "Second Amendment" have other interests, I ran into this "behind the scenes" look at Great Britain's home front during World War II. I've seen "Foyle's War" and "Home Fires" Great Paxford, and "84 Charing Cross Road," far from the front lines. I'm aware that rationing in Great Britain didn't completely end until 1951, but the reality of "Welsh Rabbit" with rabbits shot on Lord Punkington's estate is sobering. See how you'd like to "go Vegetarian" in a big way as German bombs fell on London and the American Spam supply depended on Bletchley Park cracking the ENIGMA codes. (And you thought that "Russian Black Bread" was a digestive challenge!;) 

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There are 8 parts to this tale, including The Black Market!
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