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Another Game: 100 to 1

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" Fifteen Years" - The Levellers

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" Thirteen " - Bowling For Soup

"The Twelve Days of Christmas"

"Seven Eleven " - Mindless Self Indulgent

" Ten Ft Tall" - Pete Murray

" Nine Things Everybody Knows" - Q And Not U

" Eight Of Nine" - The Ataris

" Seven Nation Army" - The White Stripes

" Six Feet From The Edge" - Creed

"Take Five " - AL Jarraeu

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"Knock Three Times" - Tony Orlando and Dawn

"Just The Two Of Us" - Grover Washington Jr and someone else!!

"One Of Us" - ABBA

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Ah well....didn't see that anywhere in "the rules"

So sorry if I have spoiled your fun.....

jrownsdega, but in the end...just a game ...no-one hurt and if you know one you should post, I did know them, so I posted! Sounded REALLY patronising...so thanks for that.

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Not planning to argue with anyone, but I joined the board to have some fun, a few laughs and post....

From what I can see, if you have something to post, especially in a game where you are actually asking for some particular knowledge, if you know it you should post.

Not quite sure why my post seems to have been just glanced over and you've gone on thirteen again....guess I didn't play by "the rules" and my post is ignored!

All for fair play.

Thanks and goodbye.

Edit: CrazyDon and MindCrime...better watch out you've both posted more than once in one post..remember thats not allowed ::

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Wow. I guess you don't realize your post was skipped over because you weren't playing the way the game is intended. No need to be so defensive, though. It was an honest mistake. You're new here, so you didn't know.

Don't run off so quickly. This is a good place to hang around. Good folks in here. I'd like for you to meet the Cyberdemon.

12:51 ~ The Strokes

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I have to agree with Jrownsdega on this, it's okay to do maybe 2 in one post, most people probably won't mind, as it's a game of 100 numbers, that goes back to the 100 after 0, but finishing it off in one post is a tad too much... Welcome to the boards btw. smile009.gif

I couldn't decide...

Finger Eleven - Sick of it All


Rancid - The Eleventh Hour


311 - Transistor

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Foxy, no-one is trying to be patronizing towards you. Hang around and you'll find the folks in here are far and wide , personality wise. For the most part everyone gets along. I've had my battles with others, as has everyone else in here. There are youngsters, idealists, antagonists, wanna be philosophers (me), just about any type of people you can think of. We all get along, some better that others, some not so well. But it's a happy exsistence.

Don't think we're picking on you. We're not. Everyone is welcome here. Whether they stay or not is up to them.

Love is Like Oxygen ~ 10CC's

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And the rules for that game are...?

Like I said, I didn't come here to argue with anyone, or ruin anyones fun, just because I posted the ones I knew in one post, they are ignored. Doesn't mean I did anything less than anyone else etc, on top of that you really have a patronising tone.

It would not be me leaving because of other people or their personalities, humour, beliefs etc it would be because I cannot stand patronisation and don't need it!

And I assume by the 'we are not picking on you', you mean You.

Just get on with the game for for everyones sake...

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Love is Like Oxygen ~ 10CC's

Oooh, Jr, I'm very disappointed that you would mistake the band that sang a great tune like "Love is Like Oxygen". I know it was some 27 years ago, but it was the Sweet that sang this classic...and it was the best tune they ever did. I love the repeating acoustic part in the middle just before they go back into that unforgettable electric riff.

However, to keep the game going....

"Lost in Love" - 10CC

:afro: :afro: :afro:

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