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Johnny Ramone dies!

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The hell with mourning. Celebrate the man and the band that showed everyone that simplicity is beauty. Concrete block guitar, zero solos, no frills. And that shouted "One-Two-Three-Four!". Pay tribute to the fallen members by playing this music to the kids and showing them that Britney is what Corporate Rock is feeding us. That Christina is poisoning the musical pool. The Ramones wrote and played 2-1/2 minute songs. It should stand to reason that you can bring the speakers out and get one side of Rocket To Russia played long before the cops show up, and piss the neighbors off exquisitely.

Don your leather jacket, busted kneehole jeans, raise your fist, and salute Johnny properly.

"Hey Ho, Let's Go!"


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Ramones: Noun - (Ram-??O-ns) A classic example of simple is just fine. Three chords, high energy is all it takes. True artists not appreciated in their prime time. Punk before there was punk. (2)The Beatles of punk rock. (3)Success is enjoying what you're doing and that's why you do it, even if the radio ignores you and never have a -(so called) -hit.

True Rockers never die...

-they never stop rocking, it's just a change of venue!!

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A statue of the late Johnny Ramone will be unveiled in Los Angeles on January 14 in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, near the burial site of bandmate Dee Dee Ramone. The monument is inscribed with a quote from Johnny, saying, "If a man can judge success by how many great friends he has, then I have been very successful."

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