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"The Flim-Flam Man"

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I heard Laura Nyro's song "Flim Flam Man" before I saw the movie, which popped up one day to TBS. It was quite interesting to see George C. Scott as the slipperiest con man instead of the usual "high concept" sage/hero. The folks owned Plymouth cars during the 1960's, so seeing a brand new red convertible Plymouth get turned into junk was a shock. This is a reminder that during the days leading up to Christmas, especially after Thanksgiving's Black Friday sales rush, "if it sounds too good to be true..." (Also, "Mordecai Jones" said: "You can't cheat an honest man.") Even a master deal maker can be taken by a canny conman, even if there's some kind of rapport.;)

Laura Nyro - "Hands Off The Man (Flim Flam Man)"

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Roger Ebert wrote that Harry Morgan would have been a better "Flim-Flam Man"?
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