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Seeburg 1000 BMS1 - 37.5 hours!

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If you shopped at large department store or worked at a factory in the 1960's, you could could on background music playing (endlessly) as you shopped or worked. Techmoan found that Seeburg, the jukebox maker, had a "front desk" version that played disks, unlike other Muzak-like industrial versions that were meant to lurk in the storage closet with the office supplies. Imagine having to endure 37.5 hours (!) of background music that put you in the mood for Chuck Berry at quitting time. Submitted for your approval, this is part one of a look at this two-sided "musical pablum" dispenser. You Have Been Warned!;)

Can you play these 16 2/3 RPM disks on an LP turntable?

Edited by Otokichi
Let's put on Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode"!
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