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Commodore SX-64 "Portable computer"

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"Halt and Catch Fire" returns to AMC this coming Saturday for a fourth (and final) season. Techmoan also watches this "Silicon Prairie" tale, and seeks out a Commodore 64 to play some games from his youth.

As with much of old tech, there are repairs required, and parts to be found for these "portable" behemoths of the 1980's. Does Techmoan get to play an old game or two? And do the puppets pop up at the end?;)

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I remember the Commodore 64, which you could program in Basic - early training for HTML. I wrote a few "choose your own adventure" stories using the If>Then commands.

You could hook a cassette player to these things and use the tape as a drive. Still not sure how that worked, but I swear it happened. Remember playing a very rudimentary skiing game with it.

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