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Summer is...Obon season!

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What do Hawaii people do during the Summer? Go to a Bon dance at the local Honbwanj, or course! Obon season is associated with Summer, when the spirits of dead relatives visit the world of the living. In Japan, Obon season lasts a week at most. In Hawaii EACH Hongwanji schedules a Bon dance, so there is a local "dance circuit" for dancers lasting from the beginning to nearly the end of Summer. So shake off your Geta, slip on a cool Yukata, and dance around the Yagura (musician's platform), visit with old friends, eat Summer treats, visit the Calligraphers, and have a great time.;) This year (2017) Obob dance season began on June 17th and ends on September 9!

Hawaii's Obon Festival schedule

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One Obon favorite is "The Coal Miner's Dance" which features shoveling motions.

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