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The "Orange Fool" Controversy

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YouTube has proved to be a fount of interesting Vlog posts about a great many things, from World War I ("The Great War") to live TV program limited marathons ("Futurama," "Family Guy," "American Dad," "Bob's Burgers") to Photography ("The Angry Photographer") to Townsend & Sons food from 18th Century. On July 2, 2017, an "Orange Fool" post became notorious for outraging supporters of Donald J. Trump. As a subscriber to Townsend & Sons, I found out about this after the great brouhaha had subsided. So, I can add yet another epithet to the "Der Furore" list, with tongue in cheek, as I shop for Custard pie later on.;)

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Would you like some "Orange Fool," Mrs. Washington?
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