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Hello Hipsters, did you ever "do radio" back in the day? You know, school, college, or real world radio where you played records, spoke about Sigificant Issues Of The Day, or just put an "American Top Forty" cart in the machine and stepped out for coffee/"medicinal herbs." Even if the closest you got to radio production was singing along or calling the request line, here's something that radio DJs used for on-air promotions, Public Service Announcements, or radio station identification. And now, 30 minutes of "Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians do 'The Beatles"!;)

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This is KTUH FM, the voice of the University of Hawaii...
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Oh shoot. Now you're gonna make me look in the basement to see if I still have any carts lying around. These things were a huge part of my life for many years. Every piece of audio was on these, so during commercial breaks, you'd have to dance around loading them up. If you got in a jam, you'd pull one out without cuing it back up, which meant that if you forgot to put it back in and recue it, the next guy would get the dreaded silence when he played it.

When the machines got old or if the parts got worn, they would "eat carts," resulting in a tape spaghetti. If it ate a particular song, that tune might drop out of rotation unless it was worth finding the album (or later, CD) and transferring it to another cart. Ah, analog days.

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