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Chungking Express (1994)

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Looking through the Sunday TV program listings, I saw "Chungking Express" scheduled for TCM in the (sorta) early evening. I had set the DVD recorders on other TV programs, so I wouldn't be able to time shift this Hong Kong movie. A Google! search lead to glowing reviews, so I looked it up on YouTube. The Pineapple-loving Cop #223's encounter with a blonde-wigged "woman of mystery" got me hooked. Then there was the tale of Cop #663 and a very ditzy counter girl at the local snack bar. Several classic and not-so-classic popular songs appear to set the scene. In particular, "California Dreamin'" features a spirited dance by Cop #663's stalker. No zombies, this time, just a non-martial arts Hong Kong film from director Wong Kar-Wai.

"Chungking Express" with extensive commentary...

Edited by Otokichi
How about "Days of Being Wild"?

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