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Over at Facebook, I saw a Songfacts story about the Kent State shootings which led Neil Young to compose "Ohio." The song was a grim hit back then, and has become a classic for Political Rock scholars. About the same time, Steve Miller composed a song about the Kent and Jackson State shootings, which occurred the same year, though the latter has been forgotten. Submitted for your cogitation, a 1972 Radio Bremen look at the song and the composer. I bought the LP that this song appears on, and a "Danny the Red" student criticized it for muffled lyrics, obscuring the Revolutionary theme. Belated happy May Day greetings to The Workers of the World as Der Furore is half way to repealing the Affordable Care Act, which will impact a number of his supporters. Oh well, life goes on...if you can afford it.

A live (and unmuffled) 1972 version...

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There more than four dead, and not just in Ohio...
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