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Ho-hum, here's something I found while surfing through CNN's O'Reilly-stained pages. Are there any personal faves among this mixed bag of old TV shows? Let us know what you really watch in the privacy of your own crib/web browser/DVD player.;)

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Some of these are good,but here are some of mine...Chyenne-the great Warner Bros.western with big Clint Walker...Peter Gunn-tv's first cool detective...Mannix-tv's last cool detective with the tough Mike Connors...The Cosby Show-The nice Huxtables...Sanford And Son-maybe funniest show ever...Star Trek Voyager-best series since the original...Amos An Andy-funny show killed by network politics...Tales Of The Texas Rangers-great Saturday Morning western of the fifties...Hawaii Five O-the serious Steve McGarret-book em Danno...Hawaiian Eye-the too cute Connie Stevens...Empire-all the drama you need on the music front...Zorro-was Guy Williams ever cooler...The Fugitive-did David Jensen ever smile...The Big Valley-Ma Barkley and her boys...Bonanza-Poppa Cartwright and his boys...Cannon-William Conrad never left his kitchen but caught all the crooks...Highway Patrol-the crooks surrendered rather than hear Broderick Crawford say Ten-Four one more time.

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