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Oh my, you poor 1980's soul. I recall hearing Chuck Berry on AM radio back in the 1960's. When "Marty McFly" attempted to "invent" Johnny B. Goode, I wondered: WTF is going on here? (At least they didn't try to credit Pat Boone for "JBG," since he recorded white washed versions of other Black R&B/Rockl artists and cashed in.) Oh well, we all know that Weird Al Yankovic wrote "Smells Like Teen Spirit," right? (And that mouthful of marbles cover by Nirvana came after "The Polka King.") This alternate timeline sounds like NBC's "Timeless," eh? And now back to Chuck Berry, waxing ecstatically over what's in the U.S.A.!

Edited by Otokichi
Fox's "Making History" looks like Government being made...an unspeakable mess.
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