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Holly Dunn Has Died

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Found out that Holly Dunn has died of cancer at age 59. Amanda interviewed her back in March, and then a few months later she revealed the diagnosis. Holly was a also a painter, and her songwriting was very visual, perhaps best heard in her hit song "Daddy's Hands," about her preacher father.

We were intrigued by a song she wrote called "Maybe I Mean Yes," which goes:

When I say no I mean maybe
Baby don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin' if it ain't a little hard to get
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes

Shortly before the song was released, this happened:


Suddenly her clever little song was seen as promoting date rape. Here's what she told us about the song:

We were just coming from a totally lighthearted, flirty thought. Almost an old-school relationship between men and women with that old-fashioned, flirty game-playing kind of thing that happens sometimes.

Holly seemed to be in a good place when Amanda spoke with her. She was living in New Mexico and channeling her creative energy into her art.

We've lost some great music makers over the last week or so.

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