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"Tusk" Tribulations

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Looks like a comment in our "Tusk" Songfacts set off a feud between the marching bands at the University of Alabama and USC. The LA Times quotes it in this story:


The USC band played on the track back in 1979 and it has been part of their culture ever since. But about 10 years ago, Alabama started playing it regularly, since their mascot is an elephant (usually rendered without tusks, however), and they're located in Tuscaloosa. Well, they battle in football on September 3, so there could be showdown among the bands as well.

More in the "Tusk" Songfacts.

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Well golly gee, the University of Alabama has one of the most kick-ass songs for band! (All this jousting for Tusks is a waste of good Confederate money they could be using to erect a golden statue of Jim Crow.;)

Who needs "Tusk," when they can play/perform "Sweet Home Alabama"?

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What rhymes with "Tuscaloosa"?

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