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May 5th: Children's Day/Cinco De Mayo

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What used to be "Boy's Day" in Japan is now celebrated as "Children's Day," which has girls donning Samurai armor and holding Koi/Carp banners. "Koinobori" song (English)

Boy's Day: The ultimate in Cosplay!

In Mexico, "Cinco De Mayo" isn't as big a deal as it has become for Chicanos in the U.S.A. War Live! "Cinco De Mayo"

"That's NOT War!" you say? Let's go back to 1982, then...

Cinco De Mayo: Even Anglos "tiene la musica adentro."

Here's an excuse to eat both Sushi and Tacos on the same day, while listening/dancing to celebratory tunes.;)

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Appropriate pictures and music added as they are found
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