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Ray Stevens Mr. Businessman

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What do you think about the message in this song?



Think it's still relevant today?watch?v=9897_pHy3mo

I don't know what's going on I've been having trouble getting to link to work.


If you know the song then say how you feel about it.


I've given up working on it.


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Ray Stevens - "Mr. Businessman"

Back in the day, I heard this on radio for a while and wondered if these misdeeds were common to business folk in general or just Big Business Barons in particular.

These days, the "1% Folk" shrug off this indictment, figuring that "any publicity is good for business." (But small business folk are the "salt of the earth," since they take care of more than just "the bottom line," making sure that the community in general stays afloat.;)

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