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Where are you finding new (to you) music?


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I ask because The Walking Dead recently chucked a very shiny song into my lap, "Weeds Or Wildflowers" - Parsonfield.  I've found music via ads, movies, and facebook feeds but for the most part, television programs have netted me some pretty stellar music. 

"Ho Hey" - Lumineers courtesy of Bones

"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall courtesy of Grey's Anatomy

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole courtesy of Scrubs

to mention but a few.  So, where are y'all finding your new tunes?

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I returned to Pandora radio a short while ago, and found new artists and songs to consider. The last time I was there (around December 2015), I had been listening to a Baroque Classical composer station, and the online player branched out to similar composers. As each composition played, I looked up people who had left a post along with their last musical plays. When I switched to Eva Cassidy, I found that like-minded fans also liked similar and different artists. I made some (unreliable) mental notes on musicians and songs, which I'll consider at the next online music listening session at Spotify and Pandora radio. As for "tunes from TV shows," I'm more focused on the action/story to ponder the music setting mood. However, I'll take a look at the time-shifted stuff with "Closed Captioning" turned on to figure out what kind of music goes with a fight scene in "Grimm" or "Colony"! 

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Pandora seems to play familiar songs, at least on my playlists. I've had much better luck with various internet radio stations, especially those from around the world. RMN, Soulful Bits and WeFunk are some of my favorites. Also, the Australian station Double J.

Spotify radio and playlists can also be pretty good, but sometimes get in that Pandora trap of playing just the popular stuff.

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