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FaceBook is all about "Friends Day," which reminded me of Na Leo Pilimehana's cover of Michael W. Smith's song, "Friends." A number of Tweens selected Na Leo's cover as their graduation song, and a controversy erupted. The Hawaii Department of Education cited Michael W. Smith's praise of "The Lord," referring to Ye Olde Christian God, which violates the Separation of Church and State. (Hawaii has a sizable Buddhist population, not to mention Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Agnostics and Atheists.) There was talk of Na Leo recording a non-sectarian version, but Michael W. Smith refused permission. It's still a great song for Tweens to play at after graduation parties, and so the matter has rested. On second thought, is "Friends Day" about the TV show "Friends" than about friendship? Oh well, I'l pour a glass of wine and toast the friendship of "Nick Burkhardt" and "Monroe" of "Grimm," while Na Leo plays on...   

Michael W. Smith on piano

Oops! It's "Make a Friend Day!"

Edited by Otokichi
A song for you and your friend(s).
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