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is anyone actually here???

jai nance

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We're here. We switched to new message board software recently after the trusty one we were using went extinct, and that caused our participation to take a hit. Gradually making changes to hopefully boost engagement and make things easier. Lots of great people here.

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I just came back from Last.fm, which has become unser-unfriendly unless you use the Shout boxes to communicate with others.

(I miss not having narrow-focus Groups, such as "Three Word Story," "Play the last Scrobbler's Library," and "Post Anything.";)

Rap? Why Rap when you can sing? (Iambic Pentameter? I ain't no Rocket Scientist!;)

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Ken checking in. I'm usually here each day reading what has been posted, but don't always sign in officially unless to comment or whatever. Been here since I can't remember when. 12 years now. No lie, best website on the internet.


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