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clean gene chandler

jai nance

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Eugene Dixon[aka]gene chandler,out of the windy city he started with his group[the dukays]and had some nice cuts[night owl-the girl's a devil-festival of love-kissing in the kitchen]and the one that started it all..duke of earl[1962] well shortly after this one hit gene went solo and kept on hittin with-nothing an stop me-what now-god bless our love-just be true-fooled you this time-it's gonna be good times-river of tears,as the seventies began gene was still doing it...groovy situation-not the marrying kind-get down, and even into the eighties...does she have a friend for me-i'll be there...he wasn't called[clean gene]for nothing,his stage outfits were awesome-triple breasted pink suits[before pink was in]very cool singer and a legend-clean gene chandler.

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