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Jurassic Park just achieved an incredible milestone


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John Williams' soundtrack to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park still stands as one of the best film scores of all time. With its mix of menace, wonder, and heroism, it's an album that has stood the test of time. Just ask anyone who went to see Jurassic World opening weekend and they’ll tell you that the moment the original theme kicked in they were choking up big time. As if to prove the point, the recent release of Jurassic World has given rise to an interesting happening: it’s brought the theme from Jurassic Park onto the Billboard charts, and it’s number one with a bullet.


Business Insider made the announcement today that "Jurassic Park Theme" has taken the top spot on the Classical Digital Songs chart. What’s even more interesting is that the awesome classical cover duo known as The Piano Guys have taken the #2 spot on that same chart, with the very same song. The track comes off of their album,


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Wow, that movie really sampled the best of the original, then mashed it up with lots of nonsensical monster action and lots of Chris Pratt (for the ladies).

I didn't catch that with the music, but even a curmudgeonly moviegoer like myself felt that twinge of nostalgia, and that explains why. Interesting stuff Mike.

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