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Name of the song or artist?


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One girl searched for the same song 10 years ago,now i need the same song. Here is the post of her :


When I was on a summer-holiday in Turkey, I heard this great song!

Now I hardly can remember the lyrics and I don't know the artist ::!

I think the title of the song was Eo, or something, because the chorus went something like this; "Eo oh oh oh eo eo"..

I can't remember anything else, because I didn't knew the language.. " So if anyone can help me,please,do i it :D Have nice day :]

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The girl that originally asked this question (Kiana), asked it in 2004. There was an answer on page 2 of that thread in 2014 from a member named Fred Mike.

Here is the link to the original question for those that haven't seen it:

The song he posted is titled "Canto del Pilon" or "Canto de Pilon."

It is a Venezuela folk song from long ago. There have been many versions from different artists throughout the years.

If you type "Canto del Pilon" or "Canto de Pilon" into the search box on youtube, you can listen to many versions from different artists.

Here are a few that I found:

Quinteto Contrapunto did a version in the '60s:

"Canto de Pilon" - Quinteto Contrapunto


Maria Marquez did a version in the '80s:

"Canto del Pilon" - Maria Marquez and Frank Harris


Milk & Sugar did a remix of Maria and Frank's '80s version in 2013:

"Canto del Pilon" - Remix by Milk & Sugar feat. Maria Marquez (2013)


There's also this extended version by Russian Percussion band, Sambateria.

"Canto Del Pilon" - Sambateria


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"Eo eo" songs that I know:

Banana boat song, Harry Belafonte.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow (heyo)

Milow, Ayo technology. But that one is after 2004.

Plus a few songs by The Police. Walking on the moon, Message in a bottle. Maybe more.

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