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Ozzy Osbourne Says Black Sabbath Planning to Release Final Album and Mount Farewell Tour in 2016

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Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that Black Sabbath tentatively is planning to release a final studio album and head out on a farewell tour next year. According to this Billboard article , the Metal Madman discussed his band’s plans during a press conference last week prior to his performance with his solo group at the Monsters of Rock festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

“We all live in different countries now. Some of them want to work, some of them don’t, I believe,” Osbourne said about Sabbath’s current status in a video of the press event posted online. “We are going to do another tour together… The plan is that next year [we’ll] do the final Black Sabbath tour and album.”

He added, “I’m not stopping. My wife spends all my money so I gotta keep [going].”

In March, an official video was issued from the organizers of this year’s Ozzfest Japan event in which Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, announced that Black Sabbath’s planned performance at the festival would serve as the band’s farewell. However, earlier this month it was announced that Black Sabbath no longer would be playing Ozzfest Japan, which is scheduled for this November 21-22, and that “[t]he show will instead feature the festival’s namesake, Ozzy Osbourne (and friends).”

Meanwhile, it appears that founding Sabbath drummer Bill Ward likely will continue to sit out any further touring and recording project by the band, judging by the recent war of words between him and Osbourne. Ward wrote lengthy messages on his official website discussing his feelings about not taking part in the band’s recent reunion activities, his desire to be offered a “signable contract” before he’d agree to rejoin the group, and his disappointment over comments Ozzy made in the press about the drummer’s supposed poor health and inability to handle touring. You can check out the back-and-forth comments at BillWard.com here and here and at Ozzy.com here.


Article credit: ABC Radio

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