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My Soul to Keep


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Sweating in panic, running blind in the night

Is it behind me? Adrenaline born of fright

The cadaverous essence ridden with blight

Sickening pictures run rampant all through my mind

I cannot imagine putting up a fight



Hold my breath, awkward silence,

Heart is deafening, the drum of war

Should never have played wicked games with this whore

Oh, Miss Ravenous , so cadaverous

I never wanted all of this violence



Spiders play their symphony of silken strings

While you feast upon the soul of living human beings

Flies swarm around the bodies you have devoured

Maggots born of blood, love betrothed death in their final hour

Why must I play with things that potentially could kill me



Fire, screaming in the night, crying out their smoldering ashes

The snapping of branches beneath my own being

Feet wet with blood, running through marshes of bodies

How did I get myself into this place?

The Crypt of the Animaphage



All this prolonged silence is music to my ears,

The reak of decaying bodies I just cant shake outta my head

Have I gone mad?

No, this is just the itch of rebellion, the crave of desecration



Lubricate these achy muscles with this potion in my backpack

Rejuvenated back to normal, TM 20, now let's rumble

Animaphage, your sword wont help you, scepter and crown are worthless here

I've taken you by the hand, for you must come to my dance

I'm done running, playing your games, end the fight of darkest days

Capture the One Who Devours, my once love, in a ball of red and white



Copr. Mason DuPont

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