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Boarded up in room, locked inside of my mind

Can't you see that it gets harder every time

to keep you away from me,

I've been up for too damn long, what is a dream?

You're not mine anymore



Trapped by these walls, they are talking

Through the shades, I am peaking

Look above, to the ceiling,

She is there! She is there!

Close my eyes, say my prayer

Hear her footsteps drawing near

Open my eyes, to the mirror

She is here! She is here!



Legs are shaking, heart is racing

Hear her whisper, "Never will I disappear"

Head is spinning, eyes are pouring

These are tears, do I miss her?




Can you feel her touch? Graceful fingers blessed with tranquility

In my ear, her whisper's singing, oh so beautifully

Cannot focus, is this heaven? I've got to say I like this

Oh, but won't you open you're eyes!



Yellow eyes, skin is rotted

Must remember I am haunted

Once a swan upon maggots

She was buried in a casket

All the lies that I had spoke

Ruined her head like a hatchet

Now she's back, from the dead she woke

Come to haunt me, I cannot scream,

Just her sight is bone chilling

Can't this be some cruel joke



"Oh, great deceiver, I've come to take you whole

Don't you think you're clever, a plot you made to take my soul

Can you remember how much you craved for control

I'm more than a whisper, haunting you to take your heart and soul

You're mine forever!"



Wake me up, from this nightmare

Burn these memories with some fire

I'm sorry, forgive me

I'm sorry, don't kill me

Wake me up, from this nightmare

I shed your blood, just to get higher

I'm sorry, forgive me

I'm sorry, don't kill me

Wake me up



Copr. Mason DuPont

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