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Songfactor's Choice Top 10 #401

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Welcome to the...

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    ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE MOST WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. The greater the participation, the more diverse, and more representative our top ten list is. We'd like to invite everyone to help us select THE SONGFACTORS' CHOICE TOP TEN!


    * Nominate up to three songs that haven't made the Ten before ...
    Limit one song per artist, per person, and no more than 2 by any artist total please.
    Click here to view
Every Artist's Song That's Made The Songfactors' Choice Top Tens (ARTISTS).
... And here to view Every Song That's made The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten (SONGS)

* When nominations close, choose your favorite Ten songs in order of preference from the Final Nominations and post them here. Points are allotted, 10 for your #1 song, 9 for #2, Etc. and our Top Ten is compiled from them. At the end of the voting period we'll announce The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten For that week.

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On a side note: Black Stone Cherry isn't in artist list for "Blind Man" which is in song list... or is it the other way around? It's only on 1 list anyway. Just a head's up :headphones:

Thanks Ray ! It was out of order, all fixed now. (Whoever Black Stone Cherry may be ???) ;)

I imagine Kenne will keep nominations open a little longer until people are aware the Top Ten's returned. I'll pop back to see if any others with similar tastes to mine have nominated some songs I know. If so I'll nominate too. (Misstra Know It All is all I know so far) Cheers All. :)

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Most are unknown to me unfortunately. :P

I'd vote for Stevie Wonder and 2 of Kenne's. That's six I'd have if I Nominate. Come on Ray and Laurie. You both have one more nomination. Tempt me with something I'd know. :)

Everyone should know this one! :grin:

My 3rd nom (surprised he hasn't had a single song voted in!)

It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington and his orchestra (1931)

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