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Jimi Jamison, lead singer of Survivor, dies at 63

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From AOL:

"The music world and fans are mourning the death of Jimi Jamison.

The lead singer of the 1980s rock band Survivor passed away on August 31st of a heart attack at his home in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 63 years old.

Jamison joined Survivor in 1984 to record Vital Signs after then-lead singer Dave Bickler left due to vocal problems.

The band went on to make hits such as "Eye Of The Tiger" and "I Can't Hold Back."

He also wrote and sang the theme song for Baywatch. After also singing with Cobra and Target, Jamison went on to perform as a solo artist around the U.S., Europe and South America, according to his website.

The family is asking that in lieu of "demonstrations of sympathy" that donations be made to his favorite charity - St. Jude Children's hospital."

Note: "Eye of the Tiger" was from 1982, before Jamison joined the group.

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