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Have you ever met a music icon.?


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  • 2 months later...

One time when I was busking in Temple Bar in Dublin City, Bono came up to me and started singing with me! There wasn't many people around at the time. He was going around with a small film crew. I was singing All My Loving by The Beatles and he joined in with me.

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I remember I spent three days at a rock festival with Johnny Thunders. We also partied a couple of times in Madrid. Syl Sylvain is such a lovely guy.

I also had some laughs with Jimmy Cliff... I had some beers with the Echo & the Bunnymen, I also spent a whole day with Midge Ure, been having lunch with the guy from OMD, had dinner with Elliott Murphy, but I dodn't call them icons.

I worked with Boy George, had some laughs with Kylie Minogue.

John Cale wasn't very nice.

Never met Leonard Cohen.

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I've met Steve Winwood, and John Mellencamp, both at a meet & greet. Mellencamp and I actually had a conversation about the area of southern Indiana we're both from - a huge tornado had gone through and tore the place up pretty bad. Big time stuff, huh? ;)

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I've met Moya Brennan numerous times because I am in her daughter's band. I'm awaiting the day that I get to meet her sister Enya!

Damien Dempsey is a music icon (in Ireland anyway) and I met him a few weeks ago when I was playing an album launch with my band. Afterwards, he said to me that he liked my note choices! :D

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