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Led Zeppelin unleash unheard recordings


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Looks like they're gonna release 7 cuts from the Paris show October 10, 1969.

Here's more from the bootlegs...

"One Night Stand In Paris is a two disc set with two different versions on each disc. The second disc is the radio broadcast as it occurred that night complete with the DJ commentary. The first disc is more interesting because it claims to be the pre-broadcast tape with the complete music but with no commentary and listening to this many times confirms it. There are no signs of editing as on Godfather, Black Dog and Scorpio.

The set begins with the devastating opening bars of “Good Times, Bad Times” serving as a prelude to “Communication Breakdown.” Only at these shows was this arrangement used as they were trying to achieve the most overwhelming sound they could muster. This tape includes the earliest reference to “Heartbreaker” introduced by Robert Plant, saying, ”We’d like to carry on with something on the new Led Zeppelin II album, which is eventually coming out in England and America. It’s called ‘Heartbreaker.’” This version sounds close to the studio arrangement and Page uses heavy distortion during the guitar solo. Page’s ”White Summer” was still played at this time and is introduced by Plant saying, “right now we’d like to feature…” Page can be heard behind him saying, “wanking dog.” Plant continues, “wanking dog…Jimmy Page on guitar. This is a combination of several things. It goes under the collective title, as Percy Thrower would say, ‘White Summer,’ Jimmy Page.” What follows is a virtuoso epic crammed into ten minutes.

“How Many More Times” is stretched to over twenty minutes long. The long improvisation starts off very dark and includes references to Holst’s “Mars, The Bringer Of War” and a very slow version of The Yardbirds’ “Over Under Sideways Down.” Some people shout to Plant while he’s in the middle of “The Hunter” and causes him to say, “shut up!” There is a long “Boogie Chillun’” part with a reference to Ainsley Dunbar and “Needle Blues” where Plant sings, “I got my needle in you babe, and you seem to think it’s alright. Why don’t you roll over baby, see what it’s like on the other side. I think that was Brownie McGhee.” The sound quality is excellent as to be expected. TCOLZ package One Night Stand In Paris is in a double slimline jewel case with attractive artwork design in keeping with their later releases. For the Paris show, until a more complete tape surfaces with “Moby Dick” and the encores, this is the definitive edition."

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